Transnational experiences:

Transnational activities

The transnational activities include the exchange and mobility activities within Europe. Mainly, we are adressing groups of people who have difficulty accessing the jobs market in the first place. We consider this our expertise in our methods and experience. Therefore, all participants can expect systematic, documented and comprehensive provision of advice and guidance to support the individual and resource-oriented promotion of their integration into social and working life. We are focusing on educational, vocational training and working activities at local level, transnational incoming and outgoing activities, exchange of good practice among professionals in different areas (in the framework of Life Long Learning Programmes).

Further, we have experience in transnational working experiences for groups and individual students through ERASMUS+, as well as staff mobility programs and programs for vocational trainings of young unemployed Europeans in Germany. QPS is engaged in transnational projects since 2009.

Our network covers several partnering institutions in all Europe, mainly in Italy, Spain (Catalonia/Andalusia), Sweden and Malta amongst others and is constantly growing.

Our transnational experiences in brief description are:

  • IdA (Integration through Exchange), ESF and TLN incoming and outgoing programmes Between 2011 – 2014 focus on older people with multiple problems and disabilities, since 2015 focus on unemployed people between 18-35 years.
  • MobiPro 2015-2020: About 50 young adults from Spain, Portugal and Italy were supported by QPS in their vocational training in the gastronomy and craft sector during the 3-years vocational training in the region (programme of the Federal Agency of Employment).
  • ERASMUS+ – Programmes (KA1, KA2) since 2013 in incoming and outgoing programme, as well as strategic partnerships with the UK and Spain. In the past several programs with Hungaria, Italy, Slovenia, etc. We hosted groups and individuals from several countries for local internships.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Lifelong Learning Programme 2013-2015 (Partner)
  • Grundtvig: Guiding Adult Deaf with ICT Solutions 2013-2015 (Partner)

About QPS

Q-PRINTS&SERVICE gGMBH (QPS) provides training and work opportunities for unemployed women and men who face hurdles in accessing the primary jobs market. Target group are adolescents and young people who do not have formal school-leaving and/or vocational qualifications. We offer several projects to this target group where they can identify personal skills and strengths and develop social skills to bring them (back) in formal education, vocational training, jobs or we find other solutions in order to strength their ability to take part in the labour market again.

Since 2001, we develop several methods and projects which are established. Several project are erected in cooperation with the local Jobcenters or the Federal Agency for Employment (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). Further, we own about 6 companies and one school, where we employ and support the target group in educational processes as well as we are offering them suitable working placements. We also have a large network on external partners, proving us working placements.

In depth, in our Else-Mayer-School we qualify men and women as a state-recognised day-care worker. Furthermore we offer vocational training in the gastronomy industry (QPS has a own restaurant and café) and qualification activities in the field of media design in our copy-shop. Our projects are also geared towards people who suffer from dependency problems or multiple impediments to finding employment or who have handicaps such as people with severe disabilities or additional histories for instance. Facilities for providing work and training include service and production businesses which encompass a wide range of opportunities from paper processing, lettershop work to data processing, typesetting, graphical design services and silkscreen printing. Since 2017, we also have an House/Clearing service and a workshop for bicycles. In addition packaging work is undertaken for all sectors of industry.